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Steve Williams

Our company has been working with Lamaignere Shipping since 2010. We have coordinated operations in Andalusia and other ports of Spain. Their customer service was excellent, clear, professional, and friendly. We always use Lamaignere Shippping when operation in Andalusia. Thank you Alejandro for your 24/7 attention.

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Stephen O Neal

Thank you for the service. Lamaignere Shipping works perfect, and we had wonderful day on our yacht. The team of Lamaignere Shipping has demonstrated his knowledge, port expertise, pragmatism, and cost efficiency. We will contact again when we must plan a new excursion in Spain around all Andalusian coasts.

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Andrew Pavard

Without Alejandro, I would certainly be desperate sometimes. He is not just very reliable and works fast enough with any port services and operation which is necessary for our crew. He will always be the right person and fantastic attention for storage, repairs, details of beauty or other issues.

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