Our recommendations for sightseeing:


The Alcazaba

This is, almost without a doubt, the most visited tourist attraction in Malaga. Built by the Arabs in the 11th century, it was the residence of the Muslim rulers. From the start, it was built to protect the city from attacks by the Catholic kings. The structure is well preserved and has majestic patios, gardens, and fountains. It also offers beautiful views of the sea of Malaga and the overall port area.


The Gibralfaro Castle

Its name means mountain of light, and its function was to protect the Alcazaba. This 14th-century castle houses barracks for soldiers, as well as a lighthouse. If the weather conditions are good, it is possible to see the Strait of Gibraltar on the other side. At night you can also get beautiful views of the city.


Roman theatre

Dated from the 1stcentury AD, this is the oldest monument in Malaga. Used as a theatre until the 3rd century, it later became a cemetery. It was then abandoned for years and was re-discovered in the middle of the 20th century. Tourists can access it free of charge.


The Cathedral of Malaga

Although the construction of the cathedral lasted for two centuries, today the monument still stands unfinished. Lack of financial resources was the cause of the cathedral’s fate. Residents affectionately call it ‘La Manquita’ or the one-armed lady since it only has one of its two towers. Visitors can go up the 87 meters high campanile by walking up its 150 plus steps to enjoy amazing views of the city from its top.


Malagueta Beach

If you are passionate about beaches and sand, you should check out this beach. It offers many options for leisure activities as well as a wide array of restaurants. It is the city’s most famous beach and the one with the best location. It is situated next to the Port and very close to the nerve center of the city of Malaga.


La Concepción

Historic Botanical Garden

Found on the North entrance of the city of Malaga, this English landscape garden has more than 2,000 species of plants and trees. It is one of the few gardens with tropical and subtropical plants that exist in Europe. This garden is a must-see sight if you are planning to visit Malaga.


The Atarazanas Market

The Malaga’s central market and one of the city’s principal landmarks. Occupying a 19th-century building that sits on top of the original 15th-century Nasrid port site, the market is the perfect place to savor the local gastronomy and enjoy good Andalusian cuisine. It is open to the public every day except Sundays.


Soho Neighbourhood

Informally known as the art district, it has been a neighborhood in which street art has flourished. Imposing urban art and murals covers building facades throughout the area; art that is not short to attract attention. The Soho neighborhood is full of restaurants, fashion, and craft shops, giving visitors more reasons to enjoy this outdoor art gallery.


Natural Park of the Mountains

Fresh air breeze and serenity are two elements that one can enjoy in this area of Malaga. About 25 kilometers from the city and on the outskirts, it is our recommendation, time permitting, that you follow some of its marked trails. Colloquially the park is known as the green lung of Malaga.

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