Suggestions of outstanding monuments in Seville:


The cathedral of Seville

Listed as the third-largest Christian temple in Europe, was built on the site of the old Great Mosque and still retains its Almohad style, the courtyard of the oranges (El Patio de Los Naranjos), and the original minaret.


The Giralda

It is the bell tower of the Cathedral of Seville. It reflects a synergy between the two cultures that existed in Seville in the past. One can’t climb the tower by stairs but rather by ramp. The ramp was built in order for the sultan to climb to the top on horseback. The belfry of the tower was built in the 16th century and reflects a Christian architectural design that contrasts with the Almohad styling of the tower itself.

Plaza espana

The Plaza de España

(Spain Square)

The square and the semi-circular building complex that encompass the square were designed by the Sevillian architect Aníbal González in 1929 for the Ibero-American Exhibition. It is one of the most visited locations in the Andalusian capital. All along the building complex, one can enjoy the tiled benches / alcoves that represent each of the different Spanish provinces. Crossing over a moat and leading to the building complex are four bridges that represent the ancient kingdoms of Spain. Also notable, are the two magnificent towers that dominate the two ends of the iconic semicircular edifice.

Parque Marialuisa

The María Luisa Park

It is a beautiful green space that previously was a part of the gardens of the San Telmo Palace. It was donated, in 1893, to the city of Seville by the Infanta María Luisa (the Duchess of Montpensier). This park houses three main pavilions: the well-known Mudejar Pavilion, the Royal Pavilion, and the Fine Arts Pavilion. All three structures were erected for the 1929 Ibero-American Exhibition.


Alcázar of Seville

This fortified palace, built originally in the Middle Ages, has been influenced by the various cultures, ranging from the Almohads to the Christian kings, that inhabited it throughout the centuries. Arabic inspiration is notable in its sculptures, colored tiles, fountains, and garden. On the other hand, Baroque and Renaissance styles ordain the restored areas of the palace. The Alcazar is known as the place where Christopher Columbus and Queen Isabel met and where Carlos V got married. It also served as the kings’ residence whenever they visited the city of Seville.

Santa Cruz

The ‘Barrio de Santa Cruz’

(The Santa Cruz neighborhood)

A famous neighborhood that houses architectural representations of Seville’s rich history and art. It is also known as the old Jewish district and is for its narrow streets and old houses. In its prominent Plaza de Los Refinadores, there is a statue that recalls the myth of Don Juan Tenorio.


Metropol Parasol

Popularly known as the Mushrooms of the Encarnación square, it is the largest wooden building in the world. The structure takes the shape of six connected parasols, whose design took its inspiration from the vaulted ceiling of the Cathedral of Seville. It also has two elevators that connect its four floors: The basement houses an Antiquarian archaeological museum, the first floor the central market, the second floor forms part of the terrace and includes a restaurant, and finally, the top floor consists of a panoramic terrace which offers one of the best views of the entire city centre.

Torre oro

Torre del Oro

A Defense tower built in the 12th century along one side of the Guadalquivir river. Inhabitants of the city used it to bar enemy ships from reaching the city by extending a chain to the opposite side of the riverbank. The tower has three levels: the first commissioned by the Almohad governor, the second by Pedro I, and the third dates back to the 18th century. The origin of the name stems from the golden tiles that covered it and the golden shine that it reflected on the river. In the past, the tower served as a chapel, a prison, and a gunpowder store, but today it houses a naval museum.

Barrio triana

The Triana neighborhood

Located on the west bank of the Guadalquivir river. In Roman times it served as a military camp for the legions. The Almohads built the first bridge that linked it to the city of Seville. This bridge stood where the now-famous Triana bridge stands. This neighborhood is associated with numerous bullfighters, flamenco singers, dancers, and renowned potters. It is known for hosting the most traditional flamenco in Seville and for its charm.

alameda Hercules

Alameda de Hércules

The oldest public garden square in Spain and all of Europe. It was built in 1574 and was the quintessential walking area of the Renaissance and Baroque aristocracy. Its name comes from the two large columns that stand at the entrance to the square, both originating from a 2nd-century Roman temple. At the top are the statues of the two founders of the city, Hercules and Julius Caesar; both works date from the year 1578. In 2009, the city completed a three-year-long major zone remodeling project. The work included replacing the original Albero ground (a chalky clay floor covering) with a paved walkway and installing benches, lampposts, trees, and fountains.

Basílica Macarena

Basilica of the Macarena

The Basilica Menor de la Santísima María de la Esperanza de la Macarena houses the Virgen of the Macarena, venerated by many Sevillianos. The statue of the Virgin, modeled in Baroque style by Fernando Marmolejo Camargo, is adorned with a colorful crown decorated with jewels and gold. The temple consists of a single nave covered with a barrel vault and surrounded by four side-chapels. The chapels venerate images such as those of Nuestro Padre Jesús de la Sentencia, the Virgin of the Holy Rosary, Christ of Salvation, and various Latin American patron saints.

torre Sevilla

Torre Sevilla

The first skyscraper in the city of Seville and the tallest building in Andalusia. It is also the seventh tallest skyscraper in Spain. At its base is the TORRE SEVILLA Shopping Center. The prestigious Argentine Architect César Pelli designed both the tower and the shopping center, which opened to the public, for the first time, on September 26, 2018. Their design features an intelligent and sustainable architecture. Photovoltaic modules supply the building with the solar energy needed to run the building’s air conditioning, lighting, and high-speed elevators. Additionally, a centralized system manages all of the building’s operations.


The Alamillo Bridge

Designed by the Valencian engineer and architect Calatrava, was inaugurated in 1992, the same year as the ’92 Seville Expo. It is 142 meters high, 200 meters long, and has a 48º inclination. Today, it is considered one of the most emblematic works in Seville.

casa pilatos

Casa de Pilatos

(Pilate’s House)

A prototype of an Andalusian palace built in both Renaissance and Spanish Mudejar styles. Popular opinion states that the structure got its name because it resembled the house of the biblical Pontious Pilate. But that is not the case. The name stems from the palace’s association with a Way of the Cross that started at the Palace chapel and ran the same distance as the route in the Holy Land. The palace owner established and inaugurated this route upon his return from a pilgrimage to the Holy Land. Today Casa Pilates can be visited as a museum residence.

fabrica tabacos

The old Royal Tobacco Factory

(University of Seville)

This building, now the seat of the Rectorate of the University, was the first tobacco factory in 16th century Europe. Architecturally it was influenced by the Renaissance style of design. It had two distinct areas: the first dedicated to tobacco production and the second, which opens to San Fernando Street, housed the warehouses and the living quarters.

toros sevilla

The Seville Bullring

The renowned Plaza de la Maestranza, built with baroque touches, is considered the bullring with the longest bullfighting tradition in Spain. In addition to hosting bullfights, it has a museum that displays a year-round exhibit of bullfighting images showcasing the extensive history of this Spanish heritage.

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