Some of the most important monuments in Cádiz:

catedral cadiz

The cathedral of Cadiz

It took over Century to build this beautiful cathedral whose structure consists of various architectural styles. Initially designed in the Baroque style, it finished as a neoclassical masterpiece. This majestic cathedral houses the burial crypt of one of Spain’s most renowned composers: Manuel de Falla.


La Caleta Beach

This beautiful seaside zone, sandwiched between two castles (Castillo Santa Catalina and Castillo de San Sebastián), offers outstanding views. Palm trees and beautiful light fixtures dot its promenade giving it a magical and picturesque lure. It is a must-see location if you want to get to know Cádiz.


The Gadir Archaeological Site

For millennia, Cadiz was a point of connection for merchants who settled in the Andalusian lands. Its ideal location made it attractive for many ancient settlers. Visitors can stroll through the site’s various levels, which correspond to the different periods of habitation, to view street layouts, houses, and tools, dating from the 9th century BC.


La Victoria Beach

Recognized as one of the best urban beaches in Europe, it is a long beach that runs from just outside the historic centre to the end of the city of Cádiz. Along its length, visitors can enjoy views from restaurant terraces while savouring the local gastronomy.


La Viña Neighborhood

Known as ‘the heart of Cadiz’, was the old fishing district. It has narrow streets, many restaurants and bars to enjoy a meal, and is currently a must-see area that you should explore during your visit.


Torre Tavira

(Tavira Tower)

Built-in 1730, the tower was always intended to serve as a lookout. It is 45 meters high and served as a watchtower by providing a complete panoramic view of the city. Later it had other uses including, housing the School of Fine Arts in Cádiz and the Faculty of Education. Currently, it belongs to the Cádiz City Council. Despite its various uses throughout its history, it remains a magical place where you can contemplate the beauty of Cádiz.


The Museum of the Cadiz Parliament

This museum displays objects from the 18th and 19th centuries related to the Napoleonic invasion, as well as the promulgation of the 1812 Spanish Constitution. The neoclassical building is famous for its imposing columns that cannot go unnoticed.


Cortadura Beach

Located on the outskirts of the city of Cadiz, this is one of the most beautiful paradisiacal beaches in Spain. It is formed by a line of dunes, a wide intertidal zone, and an extensive rocky platform that runs along the coast that is exposed at low tide. The beach has great accessibility by car owing to the ease of parking and is the perfect place to disconnect when you visit Cadiz.

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