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At Lamaignere Shipping, we have expertise in providing you with superior and adaptable yacht services at all the Spanish ports. Our services can accommodate any type of yacht, port or need.

To our yacht services division specialists, every client is a valued customer. The following is a list of specific services we provide to our yachting clients, all aiming to exceed the expectations of our customers.

Concierge services
and special events coordination

Laundry service, medical assistance, travel arrangement, VIP Transport, etc.


Port bookings, local regulations & restrictions, park permits and tailor-made itineraries for all dockings.

Maintenance and technical services

Assistance with all repairs, Nautical charts, spare parts, etc.

Financial management and support

Cash Declaration, book-keeping services, consolidated invoicing and payments.

More info about our concierge services

Route Planning
and special events

During your travel, we offer you the possibility to organize and coordinate special events from the first day in Andalusia until your last day. Don ́t worry. We will help you to optimize your time.

Relax and enjoy!

on board

Reduce stress, enjoy with therapist, and use this service thanks to our experts.

We give you the maximum relaxation and wellness.


Thanks to our partner Logitour, we can organize excursions for the best places and zones of Andalusia.

Enjoy with the history, cultural aspects and beautiful landscapes.


Do you need clothes and complements?

Don ́t worry, with a personal shopper you will choose the best alternative and discover the best stores in big cities and famous streets of Andalusia.

Transfers and
limousine service

You like to travel in style and enjoy exclusive service?

The limousine service is perfect for you. Another option is to use our transfers if you need to visit some places or cities within the region.


Do you need new decoration for the interior of your yacht?

We offer you the best colors and beauty of flowers thanks to our experts.

Rental cars
and vans

Do you prefer with driver or without driver?

Both options possibilities are possible with us. We organize your planning and if you need rental cars or vans so don ́t worry, we will coordinate this aspect.

Personal trainer
& sports

Are you interested in practicing sports?

Andalusia is famous for many sports such as sailing, golf, football, diving, etc.

Choose your passion and we will organize your request.

Hotel and restaurant

If you need to book a hotel or restaurant, we have the best alternatives for you based on your preferences.

We work with boutique, elegant, classic, or modern hotels for your great accommodation. Also, we work with the best Andalusian restaurants.


If you consider relevant this aspect, we can offer a full-service concierge private security facilitator for your guest and crew.

Mail & courier

Do you need to send an important document?

Don ́t worry. Our courier services offer several options sich as: time-sensitive shipping, local shipping and international shipping.

We ensure your shipment has reliable transportation.


It is most likely the easiest way to obtain your visa without having to chase down embassies, consulates and the like prior to your travel.

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