Cruise ship services

With more than 110 years of experience, our team is highly skilled in dealing with and handling of operations related to this special and complex activity. We have worked with major cruise companies, always offering excellent services.

Our philosophy is to offer services 24 hours a day and first-class. Today, Lamaignere Shipping is the leading Port Agency in Andalusia.

To our clients we offer high quality general services and professional technical assistance, maintenance and safety management systems to manage any type of cruise ship.

“We are recognized as a reliable shipping agency within the cruise industry!”.

Cruise Ship Services

of vessel

Emergency response
handling, audits,
maintenance and repairs,
technical supervision, etc.

Management of vessel operating expenses.

We create vessel budget and budget follow-up.

Crewing services

Coordinate manning of offices and crewing of the vessel, communication with client, cost control and follow-up, etc.

Travel coordination
and itinerary planning.

Formalities services and other services for crew and passengers

Custom &

Medical assistance
 for passengers
& crew



 with inspectors
and authorities


Cruise ship services coordinated by us

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