Noteworthy monuments in Huelva:


The nuns’ square

(Plaza de las Monjas)

One of the most iconic locations in Huelva. It is the main square of the city’s historic center. Perched over the plaza is a monument of Christopher Columbus commemorating the discovery of America in 1492.


The River Tinto Pier

(Muelle del Tinto)

Built in 1876, this pier is more than a kilometer long and was responsible for transporting minerals from the mines to the port. It is located at the mouth of the River Odiel. By visiting it at the right time, visitors can enjoy wonderful views of the beautiful sea.


Marshlands of the River Odiel

(Marismas del Río Odiel)

Officially recognized as a Biosphere Reserve, it is a meeting point for lovers of ornithology. It is one of the bmust-see places when visiting Huelva.


The Caravel Dock

(Muelle de las Carabelas)

One cannot talk about Huelva without talking about Christopher Columbus. Only a few kilometers from the city of Huelva, on its outskirts, visitors can visit the Caravel Dock museum. This floating museum has, on exhibit, life-size replicas of the ships that made history when they saw land in the 15th century.


Cathedral of La Merced

The Church’s construction dates back to the seventeenth century but was only consecrated as a cathedral 70 years ago, in 1953. It is built in Baroque style on the outside and Renaissance style on the inside, with a striking pink exterior and bright white marble interior.


The queen Victoria Neighbourhood

(Barrio de Reina Victoria)

A famous neighborhood that houses architectural representations of Seville’s rich history and art. It is also known as the old Jewish district and is for its narrow streets and old houses. In its prominent Plaza de Los Refinadores, there is a statue that recalls the myth of Don Juan Tenorio.

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