Bulk & Container Ship services

Bulk & Container ship services

Lamaignere Shipping has extensive experience and has gained prestige through working with high profile companies that operate bulk and container ships. Our Port Operation Department (www.estibadorasevillana.com) handles all types of cargo including liquids, solids, and oversized or large volume cargos.

Andalusia has some of the top ranking ports of all of Spain for total cargo movement. It is strategically located, providing easy access to the rest of Europe making it ideal for the transport of goods.


We plan and book all port services, coordinate vessel registration with the appropriate authorities and send updates of cost estimates if and when there are changes.


We inform the customer about storage availability and work closely with the customer to obtain an acceptable loading / discharging plan.

Cargo Supervision
and Coordination

We track and supervise all operations, initiating improvements or modifications when necessary to avoid delays
at port.


Before departure, we verify all documents, update status and record all incidences and deviations from the original plan. Additionally, we book and secure all the necessary departure services.

Cargo ship services coordinated by us

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