Andalusia, a region with fantastic weather conditions for yachting

Andalusia, a region with fantastic weather conditions for yachting

Andalusia is the largest region of Spain and it is located in the south of the country. Therefore, when we talk about the weather conditions in Andalusia we are referring to a region that has a predominantly Mediterranean climate. However because of its great extensiveness, it’s temperatures and conditions will vary depending on the area, altitude and latitude. Regardless, the Mediterranean climate has, by definition, many hours of sunshine, warm temperatures in the summer and mild weather in the winter.

Why are the weather conditions at the Andalusian coast ideal for yachting?

The Andalusian coast, from Huelva to Tarifa, in Cadiz, feature an Oceanic Mediterranean climate and from Tarifa to the western-most edge of Almeria, which include both the coasts of Malaga and Granada, a Tropical Mediterranean climate. Both of these weather climates boast temperatures that are conducive to yachting and yacht tourism, year-round. In fact, the average temperature, for both Malaga and the costa del Sol is approximately 18 degrees Celsius making it ideal for tourism in any season.

Another great attraction of this region, to both foreign and national tourists alike, is the fact that this region receives many hours of sunshine per day, throughout the year, and unlikely to receive rain for days on end.
For your convenience, as visitors to our website, we have included this weather channel link for you to use to check the weather conditions in any part of Andalusia.

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